Meet Our Mixes




("Cameo" AKA Cammie, Cam, Camo, and Cammie Jo) is an adorable All-American, born 06/25/08. Cameo is super smart and a social butterfly. She loves to do tricks and especially loves to run agility, having earned championships in AKC & CPE. She also competes in Barn Hunt and Rally, and was the top ranked Rally Advanced A dog in 2013 which earned her the June cover of Front & Finish magazine. Best time: 4.4.

Photo by Alise Baer


Freak on a Leash, FGDCh 40K DOB: 1/24/03. Best Time: 4.1 Nicknames: Freak-ules, Freaky-deaky, Slappy McNutt and his Traveling Vaudeville Ducks, Franklin Jahosaphat. Dislikes: fuzzy male border collies. Freak is a border-jack and he embodies some of the best qualities of both breeds. He is a tremendous athlete, excelling in both flyball and disc. He is incredibly friendly, sometimes to a fault--if you let him, he will worm up into your lap and try to stick his tongue down your throat. He loves snuggling under the covers, like a jack, and he also has a tendency to want to take toys into a hole somewhere to tear them up. He is smart as a whip and lots of fun to train. He likes his alone time, and with the exception of Bing, he doesn't much care for the company of other dogs.

Baby V
Photo by Alise Baer


Quicksilver Charged Up "Visa"
DOB 6/25/08. Titles: FM.
Best time: 3.98. Nicknames: Baby V, Cheese, Squeeza, Pumpkin Louisa
Visa is an adorable border-jack who just might be the perfect dog.  She was born at the Lazy Jinx Ranch and though we hadn't planned on keeping a puppy from the Bing x Tex breeding, this little girl wrapped us right around her finger and never left.  Visa was the perfect puppy and she has grown up to be a pretty perfect little flyball dog too.  She sets the jumps at 9" for the rest of the team, and her best time so far is 3.98.  She is a very serious little thing, and loves to train and learn new tricks. Her latest endeavor is learning to dance with her mom.

Photo by David Harwell


Blue Cedar Hotblack Desiato- AKA Hotblack, Hotty, the Whipster, or just Todd.
Best time: 3.74. Birthday: 04/22/10
Titles: FMCh
Loves: jumping, swimming, snuggling, and Visa.
Dislikes: not jumping, swimming, snuggling, and Visa.
Favorite Beatle: Ringo (don't ask...he doesn't care to discuss it...he just really digs Ringo).