Fur Fun's Rockin' Eve - 2017

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Happy New Year Dog

Fur Fun's New Year

Rockin Eve

Two one-day low/no-frills tournaments December 30-31, 2017
Limit 5 Regular, 5 Multibreed, and 10 Open teams.

Quicksilver Canine, Julian NC
5600 Clarence Rd, Julian, NC 27302

Full HVAC • spacious indoor crating • beautiful new facility
free dry camping • Jutagrass indoor turf (NO MATS) • Friday and Saturday night ring/training time • 70'+ runback

Closing date: November 25, 2017
Judges: Jon Bescher, others TBD

Come ring in the New Year with all your friends!

For more info call: Leerie at 336.665.9816 • email: Leerie